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Swift - Swift Mailer is a basic PHP Mailer class

License: LGPL
Vendor: ClearCenter, Ltd.
Swift Mailer is a basic PHP Mailer class intended to do nothing
more than handle sending emails from PHP scripts.

The Swift Mailer library can handle
pretty much everything you'd want when sending emails.

 * Attachments
 * Multipart Messaging
 * Basic, single part messaging
 * Custom Headers
 * Encoding
 * Inline images
 * Embedded files
 * Redundant connections
 * Rotating connections
 * Silent recipient denied handling
 * TLS Encryption
 * Bcc Sending
 * Batch Mailing
 * Custom SMTP commands
 * SSL Connections
 * Pluggable SMTP Authentication
 * Plugin Support with event handling features


Swift-3.3.3-3.1.v7.noarch [772 KiB] Changelog by - ClearFoundation (2012-12-05):
- Added patch for changing deprecated split to explode

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