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kpartx - Partition device manager for device-mapper devices

License: GPL+
Vendor: CentOS
kpartx manages partition creation and removal for device-mapper devices.


kpartx-0.4.9-127.el7.x86_64 [78 KiB] Changelog by Benjamin Marzinski (2019-03-14):
- Add 0256-RHBZ-1672175-retry-no-fd-paths.patch
  * retry adding paths if they couldn't be opened initially
- Add 0257-RHBZ-1679556-dont-check-dm-devices.patch
  * don't check if dm devices are multipath paths
- Add 0258-RHBZ-1634183-ANA-prioritizer.patch
  * Add NVMe ANA path prioritizer
- Resolves: bz #1634183, #1672175, #1679556

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