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project and imenu-based breadcrumb paths
breadcrumb-1.0.1.tar (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 30.0 KiB
João Távora <>
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Breadcrumbs are sequences of short strings indicating where you
are in some big tree-like maze.

To craft these strings, this library uses the maps provided by
project.el and Imenu, respectively.  Project breadcrumbs shows you
the current buffer's path in a large project.  Imenu breadcrumbs
show the current position of point in the buffer's nested
structure of programming constructs (for example, a specific
functions within multiple C++ nested namespaces).

To use this library:

* `M-x breadcrumb-mode` is a global mode.  Will try to turn itself
  on conservatively and only if there's a project.

* `M-x breadcrumb-local-mode` is a buffer-local minor mode, if you
   don't want the default heuristics for turning it on everywhere.

* Manually put the mode-line constructs

    (:eval (breadcrumb-imenu-crumbs))


    (:eval (breadcrumb-project-crumbs))

 in your settings of the `mode-line-format' or
 `header-line-format' variables.

The shape and size of each breadcrumb groups may be tweaked via
`breadcrumb-imenu-max-length', `breadcrumb-project-max-length',
`breadcrumb-imenu-crumb-separator', and

The structure each the breadcrumbs varies depending on whether
either project.el and imenu.el (or both) can do useful things for
your buffer.

For Project breadcrumbs, this depends on whether project.el's
`project-current' can guess what project the current buffer
belongs to.

For Imenu breadcrumbs, this varies.  Depending on the major-mode
author's taste, the Imenu tree (in variable `imenu--index-alist')
may have different structure.  Sometimes, minor mode also tweak
the Imenu tree in useful ways.  For example, with recent Eglot (I
think Eglot 1.14+), managed buffers get extra region info added to
it, which makes Breadcrumb show "richer" paths.

Implementation notes:

This _should_ be faster than which-func.el due some caching
strategies.  One of these strategies occurs in `bc--ipath-alist',
which takes care not to over-call `imenu--make-index-alist', which
could be slow (in fact very slow if an external process needs to
be contacted).  The variable `breadcrumb-idle-delay' controls
that.  Another cache occurs in `bc--ipath-plain-cache' second is
just a simple "space-for-speed" cache.

Breadcrumb uses the double-dashed Imenu symbols
`imenu--index-alist' and `imenu--make-index-alist'.  There's
really no official API here.  It's arguable that, despite the
name, these aren't really internal symbols (the much older
which-func.el library makes liberal use of them, for example).


Make more clicky buttons in the headerline to do whatever

Old versions

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