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Mario Lang <>
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Full description

Welcome to Emacs Chess, a chess playing module for GNU Emacs.

chess.el is an Emacs Lisp library and several clients on top of the
underlying library functionality for performing various activities
related to the game of chess.

Type `M-x chess', and play chess against one of the default engine modules.

Type `C-u M-x chess' to select a specific engine.
You can play against various external chess computer programs, like
crafty, fruit, glaurung, gnuchess, phalanx, sjeng and stockfish.
There is also an Emacs based chess computer module (ai) which does not
require any external programs.  However, the internal AI is not very strong.

To play against another human on a different machine running GNU Emacs,
type `C-u M-x chess RET network RET'.
To play on one of the internet chess servers, type `M-x chess-ics'.

If you'd like to view or edit Portable Game Notation (PGN) files,
`chess-pgn-mode' provides a text-mode derived mode which can display the
chess position at point.

To improve your chessaility, `M-x chess-tutorial' provides a simple knight
movement exercise to get you started, and `M-x chess-puzzle' can be used
to solve puzzle collections in EPD or PGN format.

There are some different types of chessboard display modules available.
* A simple character based display (chess-plain).
* A more verbose ASCII chessboard (chess-ics1).
* A graphical chessboard display which uses images (chess-images).

The variable `chess-default-display' controls which display modules
are tried when a chessboard should be displayed.  By default, chess-images
is tried first.  If Emacs is not running in a graphical environment,
chess-ics1 is used instead.  To enable the chess-plain display module,
customize `chess-default-display' accordingly.

Once this is working, the next thing to do is to customize
`chess-default-modules'.  This is a list of functionality modules used
by chess.el to provide additional functionality.  You can enable or
disable modules so that Emacs Chess better suites your tastes.
Those modules in turn often have configuration variables, and
appropriate documentation at the top of the related file.

Emacs Chess is designed in a highly modular fashion, using loosely
coupled modules that respond to events on the chess board.  This
makes it very easy for programmers to add their own types of
displays, opponents, analysis programs, etc.  See the documentation
in chess-module.el to learn more.

Most people will probably also be interested in reading the top
of chess-display.el and chess-pgn.el, which describe the user
interface commands available in each of those buffer types.

Old versions

chess-2.0.4.tar.lz2014-Jul-31 373 KiB
chess-2.0.3.tar.lz2014-Jun-23 372 KiB
chess-2.0.2.tar.lz2014-Jun-18 371 KiB
chess-2.0.1.tar.lz2014-Jun-04 346 KiB
chess-2.0.0.tar.lz2014-May-26 345 KiB


This is the NEWS file for Emacs Chess, a chess client and analysis library
written in Emacs Lisp.

* Release 2.0.4:

This is yet another bugfix release, no new features.

** Fix a bug in PGN annotation parsing.

** Fix missing dependencies in the ECO module.

** Make the third argument of `chess-display-draw-square' optional, as expected
   by the rest of the code.

** Fix a bug where PGN mode could not load the `chess-file' module.

* Release 2.0.3:

This is a bugfix release which fixes a recursive dependency between
`chess-display' and `chess-pgn' which was accidentally missed in 2.0.2.

Also included is further proof-reading of the Info manual.

* Release 2.0.2:

** Major updates to the Info manual.

** Algebraic move input:

*** It is now possible to enter moves in numeric notation by
    customizing `chess-input-notation-type'.

*** Backspace (DEL) on terminals now deletes input as expected.

*** If `chess-display-highlight-legal' is non-nil, target squares of
    posssible moves are highlighted while you type.

** The board and modeline is now correctly updated when making a move against
   the internal engine (AI).

** An error when editing positions with the `chess-plain' display has been fixed.

** Legal move target highlights are now properly removed again once a move
   has been selected, or the selected piece has been deselected.

*** As a consequence of this fix, `chess-display-highlight-legal' is now
    on by default.

** `chess-ply-to-algebraic' can now generate figurine algebraic and
   numeric notation.

** `chess-algebraic-to-ply' can now handle figurine algebraic notation.

** Several compiler warnings have been fixed.
** The `chess-autosave' module is disabled by default for now.

** The incomplete and unused constant `chess-piece-name-table' has been removed.

* Release 2.0.1:

** chess-polyglot now works on 32-bit platforms.

** Redo `chess-algebraic-regexp' with `rx' to improve readability.

** Fix "invalid function" error in `chess-search-position'.
   This was introduced by the recent conversion
   of `chess--add-candidates' from a defsubst to a defmacro.

* Release 2.0.0:

Began keeping this file.  See doc/ for information about Emacs

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