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Preview any color in your buffer in real time
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Elias G. Perez <>
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Preview any color in your buffer in real time.


🟒colorful-mode is a minor mode that allow you preview any color format such as color hex and color names, in your current buffer in real time and in a user friendly way based on 🌈rainbow-mode.el.

1. Features ✨

  • Preview colors such as colors names, hexadecimal colors and more in your current buffer in real time.
  • Replace or copy to other color formats such as hexadecimal or color names (only for some colors).
  • Preview using highlight or a prefix/suffix string.
  • Allow preview colors only in strings.
  • Exclude colors from being highlighted such as hex values and color names.

2. Screenshots and animated GIFs πŸ“·

gif1.gif With prefix instead highliht.

gif2.gif gif3.gif screenshot1.png screenshot2.png

screenshot3.png With a custom prefix (in this example a non-ASCII/non-Unicode character).

3. User Options, Setups and Guides πŸ“–

3.1. Customizable User options

  • colorful-allow-mouse-clicks (default: t) If non-nil, allow using mouse buttons for change color.
  • colorful-use-prefix (default: nil) If non-nil, use prefix for preview color instead highlight them. NOTE: css derived modes by default colorize rgb and hex colors, this may interfere with colorful prefix, you can disable this setting css-fontify-colors to nil
  • colorful-prefix-string (default: "●") String to be used in highlights. Only relevant if `colorful-use-prefix' is non-nil. colorful-use-prefix.
  • colorful-prefix-alignment (default: 'left) The position to put prefix string. The value can be left or right. Only relevant if `colorful-use-prefix' is non-nil.
  • colorful-extra-color-keyword-functions default: '((emacs-lisp-mode . colorful-add-color-names) ((mhtml-mode html-ts-mode css-mode css-ts-mode) . (colorful-add-rgb-colors colorful-add-hsl-colors colorful-add-color-names)) (latex-mode . colorful-add-latex-colors) colorful-add-hex-colors) List of functions to add extra color keywords to colorful-color-keywords.

    It can be a cons cell specifing the mode (or a list of modes) e.g:

    (((css-mode css-ts-mode) . colorful-add-rgb-colors) (emacs-lisp-mode . (colorful-add-color-names colorful-add-rgb-colors)) ((text-mode html-mode) . (colorful-add-color-names colorful-add-rgb-colors)) …)

    Or a simple list of functions for executing wherever colorful is active: (colorful-add-color-names colorful-add-rgb-colors)

    Available functions are:

    • colorful-add-hex-colors.
    • colorful-add-color-names.
    • colorful-add-rgb-colors.
    • colorful-add-hsl-colors.
    • colorful-add-latex-colors
  • colorful-exclude-colors (default: '("#def")) List of keyword to don't highlight.
  • colorful-short-hex-convertions (default: 2) If set to 2, hex values converted by colorful should be as short as possible. Setting this to 2 will make hex values follow a 24-bit specification and can make them inaccurate.
  • colorful-only-strings (default: nil) If non-nil colorful will only highlight colors inside strings. If set to only-prog, only highlight colors in strings if current major mode is derived from prog-mode.
  • global-colorful-modes (default: '(mhtml-mode html-ts-mode scss-mode css-mode css-ts-mode prog-mode)) Which major modes global-colorful-mode is switched on in (globally).

3.2. Faces

  • colorful-base Face used as base for highlight color names. Only used for draw box and change font &c., changing box color and/or background/foreground color face won't be applied.

3.3. Interactive User Functions.

  • colorful-change-or-copy-color Change or copy color to a converted format at current cursor position.
  • colorful-convert-and-change-color Convert color to a valid format and replace color at current cursor position.
  • colorful-convert-and-copy-color Convert color to a valid format and copy it at current cursor position.
  • colorful-mode Buffer-local minor mode.
  • global-colorful-mode Global minor mode.

3.4. Key bindings

These key bindings are defined by: colorful-mode-map

  • C-x c x β†’ colorful-change-or-copy-color.
  • C-x c c β†’ colorful-convert-and-copy-color.
  • C-x c r β†’ colorful-convert-and-change-color.

3.5. Adding extra colors

Colorful by default provides extra functions that highlight additional colors:

  • colorful-add-hex-colors Add Hexadecimal Colors.
  • colorful-add-color-names Add color names.
  • colorful-add-rgb-colors Add CSS RGB colors.
  • colorful-add-hsl-colors Add CSS HSL colors.
  • colorful-add-latex-colors Add LaTex rgb/RGB/HTML/Grey colors.

For use them add it to:

;; In this example add emacs color names only for yaml-mode and derived.
  (add-to-list 'colorful-extra-color-keyword-functions '(yaml-mode . colorful-add-color-names))

See: colorful-extra-color-keyword-functions for more details.

4. Usage and Installation πŸ“¦

It's recommended that you must use emacs-28.x or higher.

For install colorful run:

  • M-x package-install colorful-mode

Once you have it installed you can run colorful locally in your buffer with M-x colorful-mode, if want enable it globally without using hooks then you can do M-x global-colorful-mode

Or if you prefer using use-package macro:

(use-package colorful-mode
  :ensure t ; Optional
  :hook (prog-mode text-mode)

5. How does it compare to rainbow-mode?

colorful-mode improves rainbow-mode in adding more features and fixing some (and old) bugs:

Comparation colorful-mode.el rainbow-mode.el
Compatible with hl-line and other overlays? βœ“ ❌
Convert color to other formats? βœ“ ❌
Opcionally use string prefix/suffix instead highlight βœ“ ❌
Exclude keywords/colors? βœ“ ❌1
Allow highlight specifics colors in specific modes βœ“ βœ“2
Opcionally highlight only in strings βœ“ ❌
No performance issues?3 ❌ βœ“
  1. rainbow-mode (like colorful) uses regex for highlight some keywords, however it cannot exclude specifics colors keywords (such as "#def" that overrides C "#define" keyword).
  2. Only for some colors.
  3. I didn't a benchmark however due colorful-mode uses overlays instead text properties it can be a slow.

The intention is to provide a featured alternative to rainbow-mode.el with a user-friendly approach.

If you prefer only highlights without color convertion, prefix/suffix string indicator and/or anything else you can use rainbow-mode.el.

On the other hand, if you want convert colors, overlays, optional prefix strings and more features you can use colorful-mode.el.

6. How to Contribute

colorful-mode is part of GNU ELPA, if you want send patches you will need assign copyright to the Free Software Fundation. Please see the file for getting more information.

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