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elisp-benchmarks-1.16.tar (.sig), 2024-May-18, 170 KiB
Andrea Corallo <>
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Full description

In use for testing the Emacs Lisp implementation performance.

To minimize CPU frequency bouncing effects and other sources of
noise all benchmarks are repeated `elb-runs' times by default.

To add a new benchmark just depose the file into the benchmarks/
directory.  Every benchmark foo.el has to define as entry-point a
function foo-entry.

Tests are of an arbitrary length that on my machine is in the
magnitude order of the 10 seconds for each single run
byte-compiled.  Please consider this as relative measure when
adding new benchmarks.

Old versions

elisp-benchmarks-1.15.tar.lz2024-May-1534.2 KiB
elisp-benchmarks-1.14.tar.lz2024-Mar-3134.2 KiB
elisp-benchmarks-1.13.tar.lz2021-Dec-018.45 KiB
elisp-benchmarks-1.12.tar.lz2021-May-078.44 KiB
elisp-benchmarks-1.11.tar.lz2021-Mar-167.63 KiB
elisp-benchmarks-1.10.tar.lz2021-Mar-157.61 KiB
elisp-benchmarks-1.9.tar.lz2020-Nov-207.62 KiB
elisp-benchmarks-1.8.tar.lz2020-Sep-157.63 KiB
elisp-benchmarks-1.7.tar.lz2020-Aug-187.13 KiB
elisp-benchmarks-1.6.tar.lz2020-Jun-117.14 KiB
elisp-benchmarks-1.5.tar.lz2020-May-196.71 KiB
elisp-benchmarks-1.4.tar.lz2020-Mar-166.56 KiB
elisp-benchmarks-1.3.tar.lz2020-Mar-156.56 KiB
elisp-benchmarks-1.2.tar.lz2020-Feb-203.82 KiB
elisp-benchmarks-1.1.tar.lz2019-Dec-203.77 KiB
elisp-benchmarks-1.0.el.lz2019-Dec-192.08 KiB