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An extendable chat bot for the private messenger GNU Jami
jami-bot-0.0.4.tar (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 30.0 KiB
Hanno Perrey <>
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Full description

An extendable chat bot for the distributed, private messenger GNU Jami written in Emacs Lisp. It interacts with the locally-installed Jami daemon via D-Bus and reacts to both plain text messages and file transfers sent to local accounts. Further processing of either or both can be configured by adding functions to the abnormal hooks, jami-bot-text-message-functions and jami-bot-data-transfer-functions, respectively.

Additionally, the bot allows special actions to be triggered by sending a text message starting with an exclamation mark and a command keyword. Further commands than the ones included can be configured by mapping them to functions through jami-bot-command-function-alist.

Set up jami-bot by executing jami-bot-register. This will set up the message handler, jami-bot--messageReceived-handler, to be called on the messageReceived D-Bus signal.

1. Demo

The extension org-jami-bot showcases how jami-bot can be used as a note-taking interface on the go: Note-taking on the go: Capturing messages and images sent via Jami in Org mode

2. Extending functionality of jami-bot

I have written two blog posts explaining the principles behind jami-bot and the Org mode extension org-jami-bot, respectively. These should provide you a good starting point to extend either package:

3. Troubleshooting

3.1. Stuck messages / no reply from jami-bot

Especially should your network connectivity drop out, Jami might not be able to sync messages and you will see no reply. Try to stop the Jami daemon:

killall jamid

and then run M-x jami-bot-register to restart it and register jami-bot to listen on the messageReceived signal.

Old versions

jami-bot-0.0.3.tar.lz2024-Jan-305.11 KiB