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Magic editing of LaTeX tables
latex-table-wizard-1.5.4.tar (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 130 KiB
Enrico Flor <>
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Full description

This package provides you with commands to smartly navigate and
edit large and complex LaTeX table-like environments with a
transient.el-based interface.  Table-like environments are portions
of text delimited by a pair of matching "\begin" and "\end" macros
that organize output text into aligned colums.

The entry point of the package is

    M-x latex-table-wizard

while point is inside of a table(-like) environment.  From there, you
can do several things such as:

  + navigate "logically" (that is, move by cells);
  + insert or kill rows or column;
  + move arbitrary cells or groups of cells around;
  + align the table in different ways (however alignment is not
    needed for the functionalities above).

Standard LaTeX2e table environments are supported out of the box,
but you can define additional ones.  The entry point for
customization is

    M-x latex-table-wizard-customize

The keybinding set by default in the transient prefix are inspired
to some extent by Emacs defaults.  If you want to change these
keybindings you should change the value of the variable

By default, the syntax this package expects is the one of standards
LaTeX tabular environments, whereby "&" separates columns and "\\"
separates rows.  Additional, or different, types of table-like
environments (with their own syntax separators) can be added by the
user.  This is done by adding mappings to
latex-table-wizard-new-environments-alist.  Suppose I want to
define a new table like environment whose name is "mytable", whose
column and row separators are strings like "\COL" and "\ROW", and
the LaTeX macro to add a horizontal line is "\myhline{}":


For latex-table-wizard to handle this table, just add the following
cons cell to latex-table-wizard-new-environments-alist:

   '("mytable" . (:col '("\\COL")
                  :row '("\\ROW")
                  :lines '("myhline")))

Each value is a list of strings to allow for more than one macro to
have the same function.

See the Info page for a complete overview of the package.

Old versions

latex-table-wizard-1.5.3.tar.lz2023-Aug-2123.7 KiB
latex-table-wizard-1.5.2.tar.lz2023-May-1623.5 KiB
latex-table-wizard-1.5.1.tar.lz2023-May-1423.0 KiB


-*- mode: org -*-

* 1.4
** New commands:
*** latex-table-wizard-edit-cell
*** latex-table-wizard-copy-cell-content
*** latex-table-wizard-yank-cell-content
*** latex-table-wizard-kill-cell-content
* 1.3.1
** Added new hook: latex-table-wizard-after-table-modified-hook
This hook is ran whenever a latex-table-wizard command is called that
potentially changes the table.  This fixes a bug that previously
occurred when the user would swap around things in a table
"vacuously", such that after the command the content of the table was
exactly the same as before.
* 1.3.0
** New commands:
*** latex-table-wizard-kill-row-content
*** latex-table-wizard-kill-column-content
*** latex-table-wizard-delete-row
*** latex-table-wizard-delete-column
*** latex-table-wizard-comment-out
*** latex-table-wizard-comment-out-content
** Commands changed:
*** latex-table-wizard-kill-column
aliased to new command "latex-table-wizard-kill-column-content"
*** latex-table-wizard-kill-row
aliased to new command "latex-table-wizard-kill-row-content"
*** latex-table-wizard-right, latex-table-wizard-left, latex-table-wizard-down, latex-table-wizard-up
added a second optional argument NOCYCLE that makes the command return
nil (instead of moving point), in case the movement in the chosen
direction hits the boundaries of the table.

* 1.2.0 <2022-12-20 Tue>
** New user option: latex-table-wizard-allow-detached-args
Same as texmathp-allow-detached-args and
reftex-allow-detached-macro-args, but for the purposes of parsing the
table (especially determining where the table content starts).  By
default, nil.
** New user option: latex-table-wizard-warn-about-detached-args
If t (default value) and latex-table-wizard-allow-detached-args is
nil, the user is warned about suspect cases of detachment of a macro
and its arguments when the table is parsed.
* 1.1.0 <2022-12-18 Sun>
** Four interactive commands added

+ latex-table-wizard-align-left
+ latex-table-wizard-align-right
+ latex-table-wizard-center
+ latex-table-wizard-compress

Each of these commands performs one of the transformations that
latex-table-wizard-align cycles through.  Unlike this command, these
new ones are not exposed through the transient interface.