GNU ELPA - mpdired


A dired-like client for Music Player Daemon
mpdired-1.tar (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 50.0 KiB
Manuel Giraud <>
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Full description

This a client for the Music Player Daemon (mpd) with interactions
inspired from Dired.  It features two views packed into the same
interactive buffer: the browser view and the queue view.

In those view, most of the interactions are mimic after Dired mode
with marks and action on them.  For example, in the queue view, you
could flag songs for removal with `d' and then issue the deletion
from the queue with `x'.

MPDired connects to a MPD server using two customs: `mpdired-host'
and `mpdired-port'.  Once connected, the handle to the server is
saved in a buffer local variable into the MPDired buffer.  From now
on, the customs are just used by global MPDired commands to connect
to the user defined server.  All commands used inside a MPDired
buffer will connect to the buffer local server.  This way, you can
manage more than one MPD server with multiple MPDired buffers.


MPDired is designed to be the least intrusive.  Nothing will be
shown into the mode line, which I consider to be user's territory.
There is no timers set by MPDired, so updating anything always
comes from a user action.

The browser view is built from the MPD's "listall" and
"listplaylists" commands.  The MPD's documentation does *not*
recommend to do so but AFAIU there is no other way to access your
music collection in terms of directories and files.  As my music
collection is already ordered into directories and with meaningful
filenames, I prefer to use this interface rather then to rely on
files' tags.

Be aware that if your music collection consists of just a set of
not very well named files into one big directory and that you rely
on tags such as "Genre", "Album", "Artist" to find your way through
it then, maybe, MPDired is not the right client for you.