GNU ELPA - quarter-plane


editing using quarter-plane screen model
quarter-plane-0.1.tar (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 10.0 KiB
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Full description

This code provides a minor mode to enable the some of picture-mode
commands documented in the Emacs manual in order to treat the
screen as a semi-infinite quarter-plane, without changing the
buffer's major mode.

Known issues:

Quarter-Plane mode doesn't work in read-only buffers, where it
can't insert spaces.

The user doesn't really care about the "modifications" of adding
whitespace that's going to be trimmed when he exits quarter-plane
mode or saves, but it's still part of the undo history.

Both of these are due to the disconnect between what the user
really wants--movement of the cursor within the window, regardless
of where the text is--and what the mode can actually do--add dummy
text to give the cursor a place to move to.

Old versions