GNU ELPA - rt-liberation


Emacs interface to RT
rt-liberation-7.tar (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 230 KiB
Yoni Rabkin <>
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Full description

rt-liberation is a GNU/Emacs package for working with the Request
Tracker (henceforth abbreviated as just ``RT'') software from Best
Practical Solutions. RT has an interactive Web interface, a command
line interface (the ``RT CLI''), and a REST interface. rt-liberation
uses the RT REST interface to communicate with the RT server.

rt-liberation allows sending search queries to the RT server, browsing
the resulting tickets, viewing the tickets' contents and performing
operations on the tickets.

rt-liberation comes with a fine manual in the doc/ directory.

Old versions

rt-liberation-6.tar.lz2023-Dec-0543.5 KiB
rt-liberation-5.tar.lz2022-May-0343.5 KiB
rt-liberation-4.tar.lz2022-Jan-1443.5 KiB
rt-liberation-3.tar.lz2022-Jan-1143.8 KiB
rt-liberation-2.4.tar.lz2021-Nov-2543.4 KiB
rt-liberation-2.3.tar.lz2021-Mar-0551.1 KiB
rt-liberation-2.2.tar.lz2021-Feb-1751.0 KiB
rt-liberation-2.1.tar.lz2020-Dec-1650.7 KiB
rt-liberation-1.31.tar.lz2020-Aug-1148.1 KiB
rt-liberation-1.3.tar.lz2020-Aug-1148.1 KiB
rt-liberation-1.2.tar.lz2020-Aug-1048.1 KiB
rt-liberation-1.1.tar.lz2020-Aug-0948.1 KiB
rt-liberation-1.0.tar.lz2020-Aug-0540.2 KiB


New in version 7

    * Add the ability to set the subject of a ticket.

New in version 6

    * Code cleanup and fix compilation warnings.

New in version 5

    * Minor bug fix.

New in version 4

    * "N" in viewer now reverts buffer before jumping to latest.

    * Minor bug fix, code cleanup and reorganization.

New in version 3

    * rt-liber-display-ticket-list: display an arbitrary list of

New in version 2.4

    * Versions are now in X.Y format in order to be more elpa

    * Org mode integration.

New in version 2.03

    * Bug fix: incorrect display of certain dates in the viewer.

    * Major reorganization of the code to help modularization.

New in version 2.02

    * The new viewer now displays meaningful descriptors in
      non-commincation sections.

    * New interactive function `rt-liber-display-ticket' asks for a
      ticket number and does exactly what you think it does.

    * 'N' now jumps to the last comminication, as opposed to merely
      the section.

    * Disable the sub-optimal filling in the new viewer.

New in version 2.01

    * Support getting REST credentials from auth-source.

New in versions 1.0 to 1.31:

    * Upgrade to GPLv3 (with the kind permission of the people from
      Best Practical).

    * Remove the CLI interface.

    * Make sure the manual appears in ELPA.